About Xenium – Our IT Services Team

Below is a list of our IT services team. Our team is made up of a group of experienced and specialized IT experts. When you use our services you get the benefit of 6 IT experts for the cost of a single IT professional. Combined we have our 80 years of IT experience among our team.


Frank Kuschmierz

Specialized Expertise: Systems Integration, Interoperability, Security

Title: CEO & CIO

Length at Xenium: 10+ years

Total IT Experience: 25+ years

Personal Interests & Hobbies: Frank enjoys spending time with his family at their home in the country. On the weekends in his spare time he and his family enjoy spending time with their family dog and horse. One of Franks favorite pastimes is attending Judo classes which he participates in regularly with his children.


Arek Kulczynski

Specialized Expertise: Firewalls & VPNs

Title: Senior Networks Engineer – Senior Network Engineer

Length at Xenium: 1+ years

Total IT Experience: 19+ years

Personal Interests & Hobbies: Learning how things work, building and connecting things are all a part of Arek’s after hours agenda. As travel is a great form of discovery it is always a welcome item on Arek’s calendar.​


Jeremy Schmalz

Specialized Expertise: VMware, Server & Network Infrastructure

Title: Project Manager / Sr. Network Engineer

Length at Xenium: 5+ years

Total IT Experience: 15+ years

Personal Interests & Hobbies:  Jeremy relishes watching his favorite sports teams, the Toronto Maples Leafs and the Miami Dolphins, on television any chance he gets. You will also often find Jeremy at various events or social gatherings with his friends as he enjoys spending time with people.


Barry Gerth

Specialized Expertise: Microsoft SQL Databases, Blackberry Enterprise Servers

Title: Project Manager / Database Administrator

Length at Xenium: 4+ years

Total IT Experience: 14+ years

Personal Interests & Hobbies:  Outside of work, Barry enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, playing and coaching soccer, and being part of the Technical team at the church he attends.


Andrew DaCosta

Specialized Expertise: Internet Connectivity, Web Hosting, Web Applications, Spam Filtering, IP Firewalls

Title: Web Specialist

Length at Xenium: 4+ years

Total IT Experience: 6+ years

Personal Interests & Hobbies:  Andrew thoroughly enjoys working on and driving cars during the summer. In the winter he enjoys traveling to various destinations to hit the slopes on his snowboard.


Nathan Frey

Specialized Expertise: Cloud Transitions, Windows End-User Support, Microsoft Office 365, IT Hardware

Title: Support Coordinator

Length at Xenium: 1 year

Total IT Experience: 3 years

Personal Interests & Hobbies: Nathanael likes to get together with friends, go on driving adventures, try new mountain biking trails and learn about and use new technologies.