Webinar: The Big 3 Storage Issues

Every organization has one or more of the 3 big storage issues in the industry:

  • Out of control capital expenditures
  • Backup and disaster recovery inconsistencies
  • Data that never stops growing

What trends have come up to solve them, and what are other government organizations doing to get them under control?

Xenium, a trusted government IT supplier, invites you to a webinar on Tues, June 13 at 10:30am.

You will learn how you can:

  • Reduce capital expenditures and save up to 60% on your storage and management costs
  • Solve growing data storage problems
  • Completely remove hardware refresh cycles
  • Give new life to legacy equipment and use current storage hardware more efficiency
  • Implement a back-up and disaster recovery plan Register for the webinar here and learn how other government organizations are managing these data problems.
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