Xenium offers a wide range of services to help you manage your current technology needs, as well as help you plan for the future.  As technology becomes more critical to your business, the need to have a partner understand your business and provide the proper solutions to meet your business needs becomes crucial. Whether you need a partner to be responsible for your entire technology needs or have a project that requires additional technical resources or something in between, Xenium can be that partner.  Give us a call so we can discuss solutions to your technological business needs.


The ability to effectively communicate to clients is the life-blood to any business.   Whether your needs are for email services, phone systems, servers, or base network infrastructure development, we can provide solutions to your communication needs.

Email – Xenium Email Hosted Services

Exchange Server Implementations & Blackberry integrations

Phone Systems – full featured VoIP phone systems

Network Infrastructure – development of reliable and secure data networks

Servers – from network authentication to data storage to application specific servers

Virtualization – maximize your IT dollars by implementing virtual servers, where a single high-powered server can operate as multiple servers, creating savings on hardware and energy costs

Emergency Services

Emergency services have no down time, they are a 24/7 essential public service with no room for error and little improvement time available. Proven to be a reliable resource as well as having the ability to work under stressful circumstances Xenium realizes the importance of your IT requirements, providing you with reassurance that is emergency services tested.

Mobile Computing

911 System Support

Fire Department Software & Hardware Setup

After Hour Emergency Services

EMS Mobile Computing Setup & Support


Web Filtering – Bring premium web filtering into your home or business preventing hazardous and inappropraite websites from being accessed. We use the same software technology used in many educational and government organizations around the globe.

Email Spam Protection – Our antispam and antivirus email scanning system is an industry leading solution that stops known and unknown viruses and spam before it ever reaches your business network.

Domain Registration – Lock in your online business identity today before it’s too late. We can register or for email and website use, provided it isn’t already taken.


Our sales team is able to fulfill your technical procurement needs by possessing technical knowledge and partnerships with key vendors, ensuring that you get the right product at the right price.  Take the guesswork out of computer hardware procurement and talk to us about your business technical needs.

Support & Service

For times when your computer fails and quick repair is a priority we provide both on and off site diagnosis and repair of computer components.

Project Management

One instrument out of tune has the power to collapse an entire orchestra’s performance, having an ear for potential disasters such as this is the job of the conductor. Bringing all of the instruments into tune and maintaining that standing is the foundation that beautiful performances are built on. Xenium’s care and consideration into the many aspects of project management, as they directly relate to your business allows you to create and maintain a solid foundation on which your bus
iness can build.